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Carrie Godbey’s Story - Bicuspid Aortic Valve in Turner Syndrome Carrie Godbey was just a young girl when she received the diagnosis of Turner Syndrome. Carrie also had a bicuspid aortic valve. She met her husband, Lawrence, while they were both in college, and they were married in May of 2000.  Below, Lawrence describes the joys of their life together and their desire for children. In December 2005 they learned that Carrie was pregnant with twins. Carrie faithfully kept her cardiac appointments, and there were no indications of problems to alarm them. Lawrence Remembers Carrie Carrie was more than my wife, she was my best friend.  That is what I miss most.  Since mid August of 1995 we have been at each others side on an almost daily occasion.  She is the highlight of my life.   Carrie's first love was God, and it showed on her face and in her life.  She believed that Jesus was God's son and gave his life for our sins, that thru him we have everlasting life.  She was active with her church working in the children's ministries. Carrie's second love was her husband.  We met at college, Murray State University, in August of 1995.  We were soon dating and were at each others side from then on.  We were married on May 12, 2000. Her third love was her family.  In good times and bad, her love never faltered.  By family I mean the one she was born into, the one she married into, and the friends she gathered on the way.  Her next love was children.  That love did not have any limits.  She deeply cared for all kids.  This love is the reason she became a teacher.  Carrie taught kindergarten/first grade at a school that was on the other side of the city and in an underprivileged neighborhood.  At first, it was just a place to teach, she had to start somewhere.  It did not take long for her to fall in love with the kids.  Even though it would have been easier and more convenient to teach at a school closer to home she stayed there.  She wanted to put a positive spark in the kids' lives and to let them know that there was one more person in their lives that loved them.  Every year she would come home and cry because of the conditions her students were being raised in.  Every year at Christmas time she had her students write Santa a list.  With the help of friends, family, and my co-workers, Carrie was able to help Santa answer those requests.  I would visit her at school at least once a school year, and it was obvious that the love she had for her students was returned back to her. Carrie was born with a condition called Turner Syndrome.  She had a bicuspid heart valve and was born without ovaries.  She found out about the Turner Syndrome at around 10 to12 years old.  She was told that she could not have children of her own.  Due to medical technology we found a way that her dream could come true.  We underwent invitro- fertilization.  We found out that she was pregnant with twins in December 2005. On June 25th, 2006, Carrie went to the emergency room because of a pain in her chest.  She had experienced an aortic dissection, a slight tear from the aorta to the heart.  At 4:25 am on June 26th, Sydney and Logan were born.  I held the kids for her as she gave them their first kiss.  Those few minutes were all the time she got to spend with them.  Later that day Carrie experienced another tear.  This time her body could not handle it.  She died around 1 pm that afternoon. The biggest impact Carrie made on me was at her wake and funeral.  I do not know how many people came, but there was a lot more than I thought there would be.  It seemed like everybody she had ever met made it a point to come or send word.  This is what I heard over and over from the people who came, Carrie always had a smile on her face and she showed everybody that she cared and loved them.  That is the inspiration for the rest of my life.  Carrie affected everybody she met in a positive way.  If we could do the same, the world would be a better place.                                                                                       - Lawrence Godbey "Carrie was a teacher and so much enjoyed being with her students, and we know that she touched those children’s lives in an everlasting way, and I feel that they were so blessed to have her as their teacher and friend.  She worked with a lot of underprivileged children, but she made them feel special and loved which was a wonderful gift for them to receive.   She made sure that they received gifts each Christmas by asking for help from her family and friends, by making a list of what was needed to make sure that her children would have a Merry Christmas." "Carrie longed so much to have babies and to leave a lasting legacy, even though she knew of the risks with her health.  And Carrie and Lawrence were blessed to not only be able to bring into this world one little angel but two beautiful little angels - Logan and Sydney. It is still hard to this day to understand why Carrie had to be taken from us so soon and at such a young age when she had her whole life ahead of her and two new additions to her family, but I firmly believe that God had a better plan for Carrie and needed her to help take care of the children up in Heaven."                                                                           - Lawrence’s co-workers
Christmas 2005

Expecting Twins

Carrie Godbey made Christmas a very special time for many people, especially the children in her classroom. She is pictured above with her husband, Lawrence. December 2005 was a time of special joy, as they learned that they were expecting twins.  It was also their last Christmas together.
Wedding Day

May 12, 2000

A bright future stretched before them on this joyous day of their marriage.
Others Remember

In the words of

Lawrence’s co-worker

"The first thing that I think of when Carrie's name is mentioned is her smiling face and her laugh.  Carrie always had a smile on her face and one could tell by looking at her that she was a good-hearted and loving person, who enjoyed life and being with people and bringing joy into everyone's heart.  That spirit touched you and made you feel so good about things and about life."
Sydney and Logan

December 2006

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