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Keeping Your Personal Medical Records Requesting and keeping copies of reports and actual images on CDs of echo, CT, and MRI tests is important. This makes it convenient if it is necessary to share information with other doctors. It is important to read reports and look for anything that you do not understand. Be sure to have it explained to you. This will make sure that you and your doctors have not missed something important. Forms       Following are forms that you may find helpful in keeping records of your personal health information.  Clicking on the links below will open each form in PDF format. Individuals are encouraged to print out and use these forms for their personal needs, in accordance with the copyright specified on each form. Blood Pressure Record Diagnosed Medical Conditions Emergency and Other Contact Information Family Medical History Medical History Medication List My Physicians Personal Information Social History
BAV is Common

It is very likely that you know someone with BAV. It could even exist in your family or extended family without you knowing about it.
BAV & TAD Programs

Generally you should be

able to arrange a

consultation at an aortic

treatment center by simply

contacting them.

When you contact an aortic disease center you should expect a prompt, compassionate response from someone who will guide you through the evaluation process there.
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