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Sahib Singh Vaseer - Bicuspid Aortic Valve and Endocarditis Sahib was  born  on  the  7th  July  1995  at  Queens  Medical  Centre  in  Nottingham (UK). It  was  the happiest day  of  our  life. Our  family  was complete  as  we  already  had  a  daughter  Priya  who was  3  at  that time.  He  was a joy  to  play  with  and  we  enjoyed  his  growing  up  tremendously. He  was  incredibly  playful  at  nursery  and  started  at  his  local school  when  he was  5 years old. He  made  plenty  of  friends  in  his  school  and  was very  popular  with  the locals  where  we  live. His passion   for  football  grew  very  early in his  childhood and he  would  be kicking  the  ball  in   our  back garden  after coming  back  from  school. He  started  playing  for  a local   football club  where  he  won  many  trophies. He soon  became  interested in playing cricket  and  his  Cricket  Club (Plumtree.C.C) put  him  forward  for  the  trials  to  play  for  Notts  under 11's. He  was  looking  very  promising  with  the bat  and  spent  many  evenings  practicing  at  Trent  Bridge  Cricket ground. Sahib  had  a  natural gift  in  picking up  any   sporting  activities, be  it  Table  Tennis , Badminton , Tennis, Mountain  biking or  Playstation  games.  He  loved  outdoor  activities  and  nothing  would  tire  him  out. He  had  a  vibrant  childhood  because  of  the  tremendous  energy  he had  in  him. He  was  doing  well  at  his  studies  and  enjoyed  going  to  school. He  was  polite  to  everyone  and  respected  authority. He  knew his  boundaries particularly  with  people  who  were older  than him. Sahib  became  unwell  on  the 23rd  Feb 06  and  complained  of  a slight headache  and  fever. We  took  him  to  our  family  doctor  who  prescribed  him medication  for  his  temperature  and  headache. Sahib's  constant  headache  started to  worry us  and  we took him  to  our  local  hospital  on the  1st March 06. He  was  admitted  there  with  suspected  meningitis. He  was rushed  to  P.I.C.U  the  next  day  as he  started  having  respiratory  difficulties. He  immediately   had  an  echo  scan  and  it  was  discovered  that he  had  an  infection  on  his heart  muscle. Sahib's  respiratory  condition  had  started  to  worsen  by  the  hour. He  was  rushed  to  Glenfield  Hospital in  Leicester for  urgent  surgery.  Mr  Firman  operated  on Sahib  and  informed  us  that  Sahib had   developed  Acute  Bacterial  Endocarditis. It  was then discovered  by  the  surgical  team that  Sahib  had  a  bicuspid aortic  valve  disease  which hadn't  been  detected  until this  surgery. A  small jet  type  leak  had  roughened  the inner surface  of  his  heart where  the bacteria was residing.   His  mitral  valve  had   been  eroded by  the  bacteria (Staphylococcus)  and  had  to be  replaced  by  an artificial  valve. There  were  further complications. Although  Sahib was  recovering  from  the  heart surgery,  his  neurological  condition  wasn't  improving. Sadly Sahib  passed  away  in  Glenfield hospital  at  2pm  on  the  23rd  March 06. It  felt  like  we  had  been  hit  with  a  sledgehammer. Our  lives  were  shattered  and  we were devastated. The  earth had  moved  from  beneath  our  feet. Our  lives  were  shriveled  and  overturned  with  Sahib  passing  away  so suddenly. The  shock  of  living  without  Sahib  was  unbearable. It  felt  like we had  been  repeatedly  hit  by  a  sledgehammer. How  could   such  an active  boy  go  away  like  this? At  Sahib's  funeral we decided  to  raise some money  towards  Heartlink  Children's Charity and  with  your  help he   raised  £2650.00. He  would  have  loved  to  play   snooker  or  bar  football  if he had been  able  to  while  he  was  staying  on  ward  30. The money  raised  will  go  towards  buying  these  games  and  the rest  towards   much needed  medical  equipment. We  would  like  to  thank  Dr. Thomas (Q.M.C.) Mr.  Firman  and  Dr. Duke  (Glenfield) in  particular  for  treating Sahib  while  he  was  in  their  care. We  are also  very  grateful  to  all  the  nurses , doctors and staff  on  P.I.C.U ,Staff on ward 30  and  all  the Heartlink  staff  for not  only taking care of   Sahib,  but  also  giving  us  the  emotional  support and a  place  to live which enabled us  to  be  at  his  bedside   during  his  stay  in  Glenfield  Hospital.  Kaval , Nina  and  Priya  Vaseer         (Published here with permission from Kaval Vaseer)
Sahib Singh Vaseer
Through tears, our eyes see more clearly . . . . May we all be moved to greater efforts in our quest for a better tomorrow, a safer future  for each precious child who begins life with a bicuspid aortic valve.
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