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B - Blood Pressure Management

Keeping blood pressure lower than normal is part of the life long

treatment for those with fragile aortic tissue.

The traditional use of beta blockers was the first recommended

treatment for those with aortic disease.

However, the addition of ACE inhibitors and ARBs, followed by

calcium channel blockers, and sometimes diuretics, have shown

markedly improved results.

Heavy weight lifting causes blood pressure to rise too high, placing

stress on the aortic wall that may result in aortic dissection or full


Individuals should discuss lifting and other exercise guidelines with

their physicians.

If you have thorcic aortic disease, you can:

Obtain a home blood pressure monitor.  Fully automatic

devices with an arm cuff and digital read out are easy to


Take your blood pressure daily, and keep a log of your

blood pressure and pulse.

Work with your doctor to find the medication combination

that is best for you.

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