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Focusing on Bicuspid Aortic Valve
C - Comprehensive, individualized Care 

One size does not fit all when it comes to aortic disease. It is

important to be treated as the unique person you are.

In determining the best treatment plan for an individual, a

comprehensive, detailed approach is needed. The conditions that

cause aortic disease are often complex, and there are important

decisions to make about what is best for each individual. You

need to understand and be comfortable with the treatment

planned for you.

Factors such as hypertension, general overall health, strength

and activity level, age, family history, the normal size of the aorta,

the size and location of the aortic aneurysm, the functioning of

the aortic and other heart valves, and whether or not there are

symptoms are all examples of things that are important in looking

at the big picture for each person. Family history also can shed

light on your own situation.

Questions often arise about exercise, sports participation, and

heavy weight lifting (generally heavy weight lifting is prohibited

for those with aortic disease). These should be discussed  with

each individual as part of their assessment.

Understanding the underlying cause of aortic disease is

important in planning an individual's care. In patients with

bicuspid aortic valve or a failing trileaflet aortic valve, there are

decisions to be made regarding the repair or replacement of the

aortic valve, as well as the surgical approach for the aortic root

and ascending aorta.  However, considerations can be quite

different in someone with an atherosclerotic ascending aortic

aneurysm if the aortic valve is not affected and the aortic root is


It is important to know exactly what applies to you as an

individual. Experienced aortic treatment centers are positioned to

provide this kind of comprehensive assessment and

individualized care based on underlying disease factors. 

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Focusing on Thoracic

Aortic Disease

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