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Who has BAV? Many people, an estimated 1 in 50 The simple answer is that anyone may have a bicuspid aortic valve. You, your family members, friends, neighbors, or someone you know at work could have it. It is found through out the world and affects both men and women, although it is found more often in men. Out of every 100 people, it is very possible that two of them have bicuspid aortic valve disease, because this condition is estimated to exist in about two per cent of the population. In the United States alone, this represents a very large group of people. Every 7 minutes, a child is born with BAV in the US. The US population, from the US Census Bureau as of 2012, was 313,914,040.  Assuming that 2% of the US population has bicuspid aortic valve disease, that is 6,278,281 people. Currently, it is estimated that about 5% of those with bicuspid aortic valve disease will experience aortic dissection. If 5% of them dissect, this means 313,914 people. Given these figures, this condition may represent the most frequent cause of aortic dissection.  It is also estimated that more than one third of those with bicuspid aortic disease will have a serious complication of some type due to their condition. Using the same US Census Bureau figure, more than 2,092,760 people will have serious complications.  The actual figure is unknown. At this point in time, many in the baby boomer generation have reached their 50's and 60's. Since it is very typical for a male with BAV to require treatment for the bicuspid aortic valve and/or aorta at this age, the number of men currently at risk of complications from this condition could at this time be reaching an all time high. In addition, it is not known how many people who are blood relatives of someone with an obvious BAV suffer aortic aneurysm or dissection.
BAV and Athletes

It is very possible that someone with BAV is present at sporting events of all kinds. Many of them are serious athletes.
BAV is Common

It is very likely that you know someone with BAV. Richard Houchin and Bryan Cleary did not know they both had BAV/TAD when Bryan was doing some work for Richard. They ended up saving each others lives. BAV/TAD could even exist in your family or extended family without you knowing about it. Knowledge saves lives!
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